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Sunday noon–12:07 p.m. in Terrace

Mobile Web Performance Hits You Didn't Know About

Bijan Vaez

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Stop spending hours shaving milliseconds of your load time when there are some things that can contribute 500ms or more of latency to your mobile apps. I'll touch on a few things you might not have been aware of that can affect the performance of your internet connected mobile apps.


As web engineers spend a lot of time shaving of milliseconds here and there to improve performance of their mobile apps but there's a deep, dark, unknown part of the mobile world that can offset all of your hard work! There are some things we 'can' control - like render times, algorithm performance, and others but there are others that are out of our hands, like mobile networks (EDGE, 3G) and device capabilities. I'll quickly touch on 2 or 3 points that may give you insight on performance factors we don't think about when developing mobile applications.

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