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Saturday 11:15 a.m.–11:35 a.m. in Terrace

UnRESTful APIs with Tastypie

Ari Lacenski

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Web APIs built with REST patterns may sometimes need to offer services that don't fit the REST model. This talk will discuss when an application might need to use both REST and RPC patterns, and delve into working examples for a Django site whose API runs on Tastypie.


Web APIs commonly follow one of two patterns. The REST pattern, where resources are posted and accessed in compliance with HTTP verbs like POST and GET, is widely adopted. The Remote Procedure Call pattern does not obey the limitations that make REST effective at locating data. However, it is still useful for cases like search tools and calculation tasks. This talk explores the features of Django Tastypie that allow you to construct special URLs for services that should be packaged with the API but do not have their own resource models. Examples will illustrate how to use these Tastypie methods.

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