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Sunday 3:10 p.m.–3:30 p.m. in Terrace

Single Artifact Deployments for Python Applications

Jason Filipe

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Deploying python applications should be fast, safe and repeatable. In this talk I will outline a new deployment process developed at Wave Accounting and show you the tips and tricks you'll need to build your own system.


A look at a typical deployment process - typical git pull based workflow - building a fresh virtualenv - cons with this approach (several single points of failure)

Single artifact deployment

outline workflow and issues encountered

  • symlink based deploy and its benefits
  • minimizing external single points of failure (github, pypi)
  • roadblocks encountered with compiled virtualenvs
  • static asset compilation (grunt)

end to end workflow from a commit

  • outline of jenkins job for artifact creation
  • deployments via hipchat


  • faster artifact creation at build time
  • continuous deployment via jenkins build pipelines

Cover tools used


  • ci and artifact creation


  • zero downtime during deploys


  • basic deployment skeleton

Alternative approaches

Building rpm/deb packages

  • pros and cons

Distribution using wheel

  • pros and cons

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