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Sunday 12:07 p.m.–12:14 p.m. in Terrace

Pyramid-Royal: building restful web services the easy way

Hadrien David

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Pyramid provides a great foundation to build applications that follow the Resource-Oriented Architecture described in the book RESTful Web services, but you have to build the top layer. Discover Pyramid-Royal, an Open Source library that provides that layer.


By itself, Pyramid lets you build web application following any style, from RPC to various types of REST, as well as domain-specific protocols like AMF. If you choose to adopt the Resource-Oriented Architecture, you will find yourself writing the same support code in different projects and asking yourself the same questions. Pyramid-Royal is the third incarnation of a library developed by my team to let application developers define resources easily, with a focus on convention over configuration, but without sacrificing the benefits of this clean architecture style. This lightning talk will show a quick tour of the features provided by Pyramid-Royal.

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