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Justin Barca

(alias Cosmo Guffa), a hobby Python programmer who first learned to py in Computer Science at Carleton University after great dissatisfaction with being forced to learn Java as the OO-language of choice. His interests lie strongly in the domain of geometric art. He has established a business, The Playful Geometer which features 3D models decorated with fractal geometries, made with the help of Python scripting to generate the images for over 100 varieties of lanterns. His github project playSVG enables the scripting of geometrically-defined SVG graphics, with complimentary Inkscape extensions included in the package. Justin hopes to expose his work to a critical audience and get feedback about how his software might be employed in education and the arts.


playSVG: scripting vector graphics with geometry

Sunday 5:15 p.m.–5:22 p.m. in Terrace

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