Contribute to open-source, face-to-face with other developers!

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Development Sprints

Monday, August 12th and Tuesday, August 13th, 2013.

PyCon Development Sprints are two days of intensive learning and development on an open source project of your choice, in a team environment. It's a time to come together with colleagues, old and new, to share what you've learned and apply it to an open source project.

PyCon provides the space and infrastructure (network, power, tables & chairs); you bring your skills, humanity, and brainpower (oh! and don't forget your computer).

What's the schedule?

The sprints will be held at the conference venue, in the Terrace room (3rd floor). Show up any time, and leave any time—it's up to you!

Who can participate?


All experience levels are welcome; sprints are a great opportunity to get connected with, and start contributing to your favorite Python project. Many people have made their first open-source contribution at sprints.

Participation in the sprints is free!

How do I sign up?

It's easy—just head over to the sprint wiki and write your name under the project you're interested in. If you just want to attend sprints in general, there's a section for that too! There will be people on hand to help you find something to work on.

What's there to sprint on?

Not sure what to sprint on? Want to advertise your project? Head over to the sprint wiki to see (and add to) the list of projects which will have people sprinting.

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